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Client reviews

  • Jane Hübbel from Kleeve

    „My dad was denied boarding. The airline declined to help. Refundster fought for his compensation and after four weeks, we received good news.”

  • Salvatore Oraji from Graz, Austria

    „My questions were not answered by the airline - I just received made-up replies. I asked Refundster to help and they sued the airline for compensation.”

  • Robert Haag from The Haague, NL

    „British Airways delayed our flight twice. Finally, my family and I arrived in Lyon 4.5 hours late, at 11 pm. Only Refundster was able to get our extra costs covered.”

  • Claire Bure from Deauville, FR

    „I'm very grateful to Refundster. Vueling was not able to help me.”

  • Andrzej Piotrowski from Balin, Poland

    „The Refundster website make it easy to complete a claim. After five weeks, I had my compensation.”

  • Clemens Haderbun aus München

    „The agent Kiss&Fly sold me a flight that went completely wrong. I was recommended to use Refundster, who got the damage straightened out.”

  • Nicole Fraizer aus Wüsting

    „I received the compensation amount that was calculated by the website. I'm very happy. Great that it actually works!”

  • Armand K. aus Krefeld

    „ offers reliable, honest and fast advice. I received a clear explanation of my chances of success in the event of a claim for compensation.”

  • Susi K. aus München

    „Refundster offered fast and professional assistance! Would gladly use it again.”

  • Aische Ö. aus Berlin

    „Thank you! I can't recommend it highly enough”

  • Giuseppe Stankovic aus Rechlin

    „It took a bit of time, but I was kept up-to-date on the latest developments. In the end, I got my money without having to do much at all.”

  • Alessandro Tenone

    „Excellent support and follow-up. I got more than was initially estimated.”

  • Julia Schweizer

    „Waited an entire 3 months! Then got my payout, wow!”


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The principle?

From experience, we know the airlines usually play on time and ignore or deny compensation for legitimate claims. Large companies know that to enforce legal knowledge or enforcement are required. We help you safely and successfully, with a success rate of 97%. In doing so, we bear the entire cost risk and charge a fee only in case of success. No win no fee!

We simply check your claim and determine the amount and legality of a recovery. You pass your case to the rapid enforcement to us and we take care of the rest.

Compensation received with Refundster!

  • no risk
  • High success rate
  • No paper war
  • Fee 25% (plus VAT) only in case of success

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How does Refundster funds its service?
We bear the entire cost risk and charge a fee only in case of success. Then we will receive 25% of your insured compensation sum plus VAT. This means no risk to you because the exam and also a failure is free of charge for you. So you have nothing to lose, except to have done nothing.

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